Open Source Networking Days Taiwan has ended
avatar for Yukio Ito

Yukio Ito

Executive Vice President
avatar for Heather Kirksey

Heather Kirksey

Linux Foundation
Vice President of NFV
avatar for Ryota Mibu

Ryota Mibu

Assistant Manager
avatar for Noriyoshi Yamazaki

Noriyoshi Yamazaki

Okinawa Open Laboratory
Incorpolater , Director
avatar for Te-Lung Liu 劉德隆

Te-Lung Liu 劉德隆

National Center for High-performance Computing
avatar for Chien-Chao Tseng 曾建超

Chien-Chao Tseng 曾建超

National Chiao Tung University
Distinguished Professor and Chairman Department of Computer Science
avatar for VC Yi-Bing Lin 林一平副校長

VC Yi-Bing Lin 林一平副校長

National Chiao Tung University
Vice Chancellor, University System of Taiwan
avatar for Mike Chih-Che Lin 林志哲

Mike Chih-Che Lin 林志哲

EstiNet Technologies Inc
avatar for Prof. Fuchun Joseph Lin 林甫俊

Prof. Fuchun Joseph Lin 林甫俊

National Chiao Tung University
Professor, Department of Computer Science College of Computer Science
avatar for Chun-Ming Ou 歐俊明

Chun-Ming Ou 歐俊明

Edgecore Networks
avatar for Lihao Chiang 江立豪

Lihao Chiang 江立豪

Institute for Information Industry(III)
Digital Transformation Institute
avatar for Hsien-Wei Hung 洪憲偉

Hsien-Wei Hung 洪憲偉

Network Threat Defense Technology Group
avatar for Wei-Cheng Wang 王韋程

Wei-Cheng Wang 王韋程

Industrial Technology Research Institute
avatar for Chung-Hua Hu 胡仲華所長

Chung-Hua Hu 胡仲華所長

Chunghwa Telecom Labs
Managing Director, Network Management Laboratory
avatar for Chiu Hung Wei 邱宏瑋

Chiu Hung Wei 邱宏瑋

avatar for Prof. Chien Chen 陳健

Prof. Chien Chen 陳健

National Chiao Tung University
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Center of...
avatar for Jian-Hao Chen 陳建豪

Jian-Hao Chen 陳建豪

Open Networking Foundation